Ladies Size 9 Shoes

I’m Ellie Dickins, at the age of 11, I needed ladies size 9 shoes.

I expect like me, when you go to work you, you find you are smart down to the ankle, however your shoes would always let you down. I bet when you do find a pair that fit, you will wear them till their death which would often mean they looked scruffy and well worn. So finding Ladies Size 9 Shoes is always a challenge, it was certainly for me and after many years of frustration of not finding shoes, I opened Ellie Dickins Shoes in 1999.

At the shop we stock over 100 different styles and in a variety of colours. You can try on as many pairs as you wish, just like being a child in a sweet shop. When you visit Ellie Dickins Shoes our service is second to none, as you are truly offered an “hands on” fitting service with expert advice.  Our atmosphere is extremely friendly, fun and empathetic to your needs.

Your feet are often a forgotten feature of your body and when you look at what they have to do you need to make sure they are being looked after. The high street shops do not offer the range you find at Ellie Dickins Shoes because they do not have the capacity to do so. We do because we specialise with ladies who fall into the Ladies Size 9 Syndrome – too narrow, too small, too wide, too large.

Our mission is for our customers to have happy feet.

Your visit will allow you to see some of the exceptional footwear that can be found, from wide calf boots to evening shoes, ladies shoes from 1 to 13 in styles that are just as modern, yet comfortable and are of the highest quality.

Come and visit us and receive a unique shoe shopping experience and join hundreds of other women who now have happy feet thanks to Ellie Dickins Shoes.

Making your Feet Happy

I am passionate about helping ladies who are finding they are frustrated about buying shoes because of their feet size. I named  this website after the event that made me want to do something about it – size 9 at the age of 11! This website is designed to talk about the issues all those ladies who find it so hard to get the right shoes, and over time I will add more information and help, so why not bookmark the website for now.

Finding the right style for the different aspects of your life? We know there will be a shoe to fit that occasion, so take a look at the gallery of images of what you can buy. You will see that there are 3 categories covered – Shoes, Boots and Slippers. Please note these are just a few examples of what you can find at the shop and soon to be live, the on-line shop if you can’t visit us.

Winter Season

In the meantime, we are featuring boots for ladies who struggle to find boots because they have a wide calf. You can see some of the styles on the page in the gallery and some videos as well. We have even made a lady cry with tears of joy having found boots she can wear with a skirt for the first time.

As winter approaches the feet of warmth around your feet when indoors is one thing we should pay attention too. You feel a lot warmer if you wear slippers, so take a look at the Ladies Slippers page.

The Christmas Party season approaches! Need to  find those eye catching, stylish and comfortable shoes? We have  just what you need, and have a page dedicated to Ladies Evening shoes where you can find the right shoe for the occasion – see the images, information and videos to show you just some of the designs.

Ladies Size 9 Shoes – Advice

Finding the right advice is important, many ladies just fail to realise the importance of the right footwear. Take a look at the advice you should think about when buying and fitting your shoes on the Advice on size 9 shoes page. You’ll see information that helps make your feet happy long term.

Enjoy and do contact us if you would like our latest catalogue.